Ryan's Production | Knoxville Wedding Videography | Wedding Videographer in TN

Ryan's Production | Knoxville Wedding Videography | Wedding Videographer in TN

Are you looking for a Knoxville Wedding Videographer? We are a husband and wife wedding videography team in Knoxville TN. Our names are Ryan and Ashley Sutton and we have been creating wedding videos and wedding films in TN since 2002.

How do you make sure to capture our wedding vows and sound during our ceremony?

Maple Grove Inn  Sparkler Exit

Maple Grove Inn Sparkler Exit

We use multiple microphones during your ceremony and throughout the day to insure the best audio and true to life reproduction.  During the ceremony any officiant that speaks wears a wireless lapel microphone, as well as, the groom.  The microphone that the groom wears is what is called an omni-direction microphone designed to capture sound within 3 ft of the microphone.  This insures we are able to not only capture everything that is said by the groom but also capture what the bride says with the same pristine clarity as if she was wearing one herself. 

How long does it take to get our DVD back ?

The average time it takes to get your DVD back is 8 weeks.  However, the sooner you get your music selections to us, the faster your video is finished.  We don't start work on your video until we receive your music selections due to the importance of pacing in the editing process.

What does the final product look like ?

Every final product looks different depending on your wedding and what happened on your wedding day. Most couples DVD/Blu-Rays have a menu with 3-5 different movies containing video segmented by events during the day. For example: A Before the Wedding Video, Ceremony Video, Reception Video and other videos that may warrant having its own video segment.  From an aesthetic point of view of the physical product; You will receive every DVD/Blu-Ray you purchase in an Aluminium Case with a custom DVD printed topper.  We DO NOT use sticker labels on our DVD/Blu-Rays. The use of sticker DVD/Blu-Ray toppers significantly shortens the life of your disc.  We use a professional printer to print each disc individually.  We place a beautiful image taken from a still frame of your final video as the image on top of your DVD/Blu-Ray.   

Do we put chapter markers in our DVDs ?

Yes, we do place chapter markers in all of our DVDs.  However, chapter markers are not placed in file format videos, USB drives, or Blu-Rays.

Do we travel ?

Yes, we absolutely travel. Depending on the distance of travel, there may be a slight cost.  Contact us with questions regarding our travel charge.

Why should we choose you over another wedding videographer ?

Our passion is creating beautiful timeless videos for you to watch for years to come.  We stay away from the trendy "at the moment" ways to film weddings and just stick with timeless storytelling through great cinematography techniques.  Another advantage we have over our competition is our experience.  We have been creating wedding films since 2002 and experience creates reliability and skill in videography.  We have seen every weather condition, filmed at countless venues, seen a numerous number of styles of both ceremonies and receptions, and we have worked with countless vendors all over the country.  We also go to great lengths to protect your footage from loss.  We store your video on numerous hard-drives to insure against loss by hardware failure.  

Why are your prices lower than some videographers ?  Especially some with substantially less experience ?

We have chosen not to participate in numerous bridal fairs each year because it inflates our prices and just cost our customers more.  The average cost of a Bridal Fair booth is anywhere from $1000-$3000 /per show.  Since we are a husband and wife team and only do 1 wedding per day we have to book 1-2 weddings off of the Bridal Fair just to break even.  If we were to participate in the Bridal Fairs and advertise in magazines it would directly effect our clients cost.  Every package would cost more, 25%-50% more, depending on how much we chose to advertise.  We have always found that we book more than enough weddings due to our reputation and word of mouth to keep us busy.  

Can we purchase the Unedited Footage ? 

Absolutely, we can provide it in about any format from DVD, MP4, Blu-Ray, and etc.  Refer to our pricing page for cost. 

Do you keep a copy of our DVD in case we lose ours ?

Yes, I keep a copy of every video I have ever created.  We keep the unedited video for about a year on average. 

How do I reserve my date ?  Do you require a deposit ? 

To reserve your date we require a $500 deposit along with a signed contract.

What payment types do you take ? 

We take Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

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